Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to KL (4th day raya)

We were going back to KL last Sat. So sad cz just for a short while only we all stayed at Ganu.

True indeed..this place was a wonderful place n oso got many choices of good traditional (very hard to find nowdays). I'll miss this place vy much n oso my doters will miss their cousins sister as well as the beautiful long, sandy beach. Kitaorang siap main layang-layang lagi tu..

On the way back to KL...we stop at Kijal. Why we were stop here becouse Ilham wanted to buy Satar. Yes..Satar its very nice,cheap, sweet & spicy. The fish, coconut and chilly was blended very well and then grilled to perfection. Beyond words! simply heaven!

Then we went to Hai Peng @ Kemaman to taste the famous toaster and of course the coffee Hai Peng. One thing interesting about this shop is semer benda kat kedai ni home-made, bread, kaya, nasi dagang, coffea, sampaikan cawan pun homemade gak .Yes..its very delicious...n we were having lunch with nasi dagang & roti bakar.


Anonymous said...

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Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

wehh... aku yg sek kat kemamang pun dok tau wujud tempat tur! maybe zaman aku dulu takde kot!heh..heh..(cover-line)

ngko tak singgah Kuantan ker?

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

owh..sedap nye roti bakar tu....nyum2