Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kakak..1st day Ramadhan

Yesterday, kakak managed to performe fasting succesfully and without any complaint...except keep asking me when is the time for breaking fast.

"Ibu..kul 7.20 lamer lagik ker?"...or "Ibu...lamer lagik ker nak kul 7"...yada...yada..yada...

Sometimes me & Ilham will asked her to go to sleep & to get some rest...but she refused. She just playing like normal day..with her little sis. Sometimes I'm a bit worried when I saw her ran over in our living room n oso playing hide and seek with Alisa. Afraid if she will lost her energy ..I'm very..very typical malay mother...he..he..he..he.

For yesterday berbuka poser my menu was Daging masak kicap + pegedil + salad + sambal belacan (a must for Ilham). So today, I thought of cooking Ayam masak merah + sayur campur. Hopefully I can reach home early...if not..I'll ask Ilham to buy Murtabak or Popia goreng at Param...then after breaking fast...I'll continue to prepare the menu that I mentioned earlier on.

What kakak will be doing today at her school? I've already advise her...not to run around in the class...plis behave yrself...since u're fasting today...oh! again..I'm so typical malay mother...don't terbeluek occay! But yesterday she was so cheeky coz always "kacau"me when I'm tried to finish reading the book that I purchased last month...Can U Kept A Secret by Sophie Kinsella...Alhamdullillah...I managed to finish the book...so damn funny this book..highly reccomended by me.


mummysyafie said...

best nya dapat mama camni..

tapi budak² mmg ingat main je..puasa ttp puasa kan..kalau penuh 30 hari puasa ada upah tak?

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

Alhamdulillah... cabaran puasa kat sekolah kat school lagi `habat' coz ramai kengkawan dieorg yg tak pose!
Lupa nak bgtau hang td, hr tu Aisyah bwk pic die ngan Sofea (kat MV hr tu!) & tunjuk kat Dhamirah. Tau dak tu ckp apa... "naper awak tak ajak saya sekali, sy nak ikut jugak!" he..he..

Ngko bc buku yerk? aku plak jahit manik kat baju Aisyah... jgn tak caya!

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

mmg aku tak kasik upah..cz aku tak mo dia poser..sebab nak dpt duit..he..he..he..he.

mmg betul..cabaran poser kat sek. mmg lagik kuat. Sub..sub..sub..(mode: sedih)