Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've been tagged by Warlord

I’ve bee tagged fm one of my follower bloggers Warlord I’ve known him in the cyberworld. I remember the 1st time he came to my blog at my following entry. Here.

When I know he already tagged me for this 25 question...I remember...I did the same tagged a few years ago ...but i just said...ok...let me try to answer all the question in English. I know my English not so’s time for me to polish my English....*asyik ke laut *

1) Do you think you are hot?
Yes, I’m hot (actually in degree celcius term not in that ‘hot’ thing)).. since I’m not feeling well for a couple a days. I’m having fever & runny nose. Now I know...when we are getting older (read: especially to me) my antibody so slowly to recovery!

2) Upload the ID picture you're using nowdy

3)Tell something about the pictures
The 1st pic. Is the profile pic that I used for my FB accounts. The pic was taken when I’m waiting Kakak to fetch her fm school.

The 2nd pic is the profile pic for my blog. The pic was taken at T’gganu...near the beach. Actually I missed T’gganu very when I see this pic. It remind me about my en. Somi hometown. I really miss t’gganu!

4) When was the last time you ate chicken?
Why is going to do with chicken? He..he..he....Ok...ok...I ate chicken when we were having dinner at Tepanyaki JJAU2 lastnite. Actually I order prawn teppanyaki but the chicken teppayaki was fm my en. somi menu.

5)Last song that you listen to?
Lastnite... I was listening to this song Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. I love this song very much especially when I read the makes me smiles every day.*mood perasan*

6) Why did you do apart from trying to settle this tag?
I'm forcing Cha to take her bath as she keep colouring her new Princess Magazine.

7) What are your nicknames or other names?
Nurul – used by my office colleagues and my school friends
Riko - used by my virtual friends when I’m active in forum already ‘pencen’ fm this forum.
Un – used by my close family members and my childhoods friends
Mak Lang – used by my nephew & my nees fm my family side
Bibi Nurul – used by my nephew & my nies fm my en. Somi side...(read: sib baik tak Bibik)
Ahkak – yours truly name when I refer to myself on my blog.

8) Tag 8 persons
Jeng...jeng..jeg...the name goes......*drumroll please*

1. Nur
2. Janna
3. Baby
4. Cik Dee
5. Irah @ MummySyafie
6. UnPhatLee
7. Lilisam
8. Sue

9)Who is your no. 1
Nur is my friend. I’ve know her since I was a single...till now. I’m always go to her blog to read her activities with her beloved family and her wonderful 3A.

10)Write something about no. 5
Irah @ MummySyafie is my virtual friends that I met during ‘demam AF2’ at Forum Cari. She is kipas mati Anding. I’m happy to read her blog everyday, especially when she write about her 2 hansome sons...she is pretty too.

12)How about no. 4?
Cik Dee is my virtual friend too that I met at Parenting Board at Forum Cari. She is mommy yg gorgeous and currently she live in UK since her husband pursuing a Master over ther. I miss her so much...especially we always find to have a lunch gathering with a group of our closet friends.

13)Message for no. 6?
Lee ‘did u finished yr Korean drama “Secret Garden”?

14) Words of love for no. 2?
“I love to see and eat yr delicious foods especially yr cakes so yummilicious”

15)Does no 7 and 8 has similarities?
OMG! Yes...what a coincidently. Both of names knows each other...right...Lili? Sue? Cz both of them from our group of Demam AF @ forum cari....many years ago.

16)Give 5 facts you know about No. 1

- She is sweet & beautiful
- Eventhough we were a bestfriend BUT we don’t have a similarity when it came for drama, movies or artist.
- She have a sweet daughter which is same age with Kakak.
- Both of us drive matrix...her husband drive...he..he..he..
- She is ‘kipas mati’ drama Indon.

18)Feeling when doing this tag?
I’m curious about question no.17? is it suppose to be missing?

19) Do you know that Rizman is sengal?
Sorry...u ask the wrong question/person

20)Gay or les?
None of the above

Yihaaaa! Finally I managed to answer all question..but still wondering where is question no.17???????

To all my friends that i have tagged them above, if you have free time, appreciate if you could answer it.


Hairil Rizal said...

I am smiling yet again when I read this post ahkak.

Firstly, I 've learned a new term today - KIPAS MATI.

2ndly, teringat kat AF2. It was AF yg paling best giler rasanya. First time I hooked on with AF sampai sanggup order air segelas kat kedai sbb nak tgk AF. Nnti I buat post on that.:)

Question 17 takda ka? Ye ke?
Ada kot sebenarnya...tapi I mmg dah mamai tahap gaban masa type entry tu. It was something like pukul 1 pagi already. Hehehe!

Loved the way you did the tag ahkak!

p/s: Ahkak makan kat Teppanyaki mlm tadi? Tak nampak pulak?? I makan kat Sakura Kristal. Tempat feberet!

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Opsss...kita nie asyik ke JJ ajer kan, tp tak ada rezeki nk jumpa!

Ha'a...lastnite ahkak pegi after magrib...sampai kat JJ dlm kul 8.30 p.m.

Ahkak x pernah try makan kat Sakura Kristal. Sedap yer? Nanti...bulihlah kitorang cuba since ada org tu kata tmpt peberet.

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

1stly.... Cayanggggg kt ko sbb kate aku beautiful! hahaha

2ndly...Kipas Mati citer Indon? woii.. tgk musim gaks! laa nie tgh `crazy' kt Mr Baim Wong... tu yg melekat kt Youtube tiap mlm ;)

3rdly.. Thanks to Hairil Rizal (err.. nama glamer Wardlord?) sbb dah mengeTAG kwn baik-ku! Ahkak pun dh buat... tp sbb dah lama jugak... so boleh-lah exercise tgn lagi. tungguuuuu ya!

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Huwaaaaa...nie yg nak majuk nie...kalo tak kata u cantek...tak cayanggg I lah yer..cedihnyer kita.

Alaaa...kira kipas mati citer Indon jugaklah dok layan youtube malam2...ha..ha..ha..mcm Ai pulak...kipas mati citer Korea....alamak...rindu giller nk tgk citer korea nie..anyang-ha-seyo!

miss nina said...

salam ahkak Nurul
glad that u did this tag's spreading like virus now :)

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

Miss Nina...
thanks cz drop by kat ahkak punya blog.

Lega tawww dah buat tagged nie...he..he..he.

Hairil Rizal said...

Nur a.k.a admansyah: Heheh..nama glamer Warlord ye. Mekasih...kita tag ahkak Nurul ni sbb dia jarang kena tag. Hahaha!

Ahkak, suka Sakura Kristal sbb byk gak varietynya :)

|| sue-imanja || said...

nok segan nak buat tag ni...hehehe

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

ala dear...jgnlah segan. Nak gak baca tagged Sue nie..mesti cun!