Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Co. trip

How I'm going to breaks the news.?

This weekend there will be a co. trip for our co. But till now I haven't tell my doters especially kakak that I'll be away this Weekend. Not only I'l be away, the toughest part is I'll be staying a night there.

Dunno how to start the words.....keep thinking what is the rite time for me to breaks the plan is to buy some magazines or books to bodek her..dunno whether she will accept that. Hemmmm.......or treat them for dinner at M'cdonald....huk..huk...huk...

I'm a kind of mother which is very..very typical malay mother (can I use this word?) I dun like my kids to be away with me...neither them too.

On the 1st place when I heard our co. will be doing this co, trip...I'm not very excited...but since the attendance is Cumpulsory & Ilham oso encourage me to have a good time with my with berat hati I decided to go.

I kept this very secret from my doters...becoz I know the moment they know that I'll be away fm them sure my doters tak kasik punyer...or their respond sure "nak ikut...."..that is the tough one for me...uhuk..uhuk....sedihnyer wehhhhh..tak beshnyer.

Till now...still thinking what is the best place or the rite time for me to breaks the news


sandal itam said...

huhu..ko sma mcm aku..sejak ada akmal ni..aku kalau dgr kompeni nk wat jln jaln..langsung x intrested.takde masa nk join.

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

the truth is...every mother has the same bagi aku...mothers are human too,they need rest,need to play, need to be with their frens,need their space,since ur hubby pon dah bagi green light...ok la tue,
about the girls,jgn ko risau sgt...takkan Ilham nak dera budak2 tu plak...hehehe,kira ini la masa utk ur girls get along ngan her dad plak...and trust me..lepas ko dah pegi trip tu,misti ko rindu giler2 kat ur girls..and tak saba2 nak peluk...u'll be a better mom.

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

kan..mmg cam x interested nak pegi.

thanks..true indeed. Tp aku mmg jenis yg tak leh nak berpisah dgn my doters..then again mmg betul apa yg u ckp tu.

cuma tu ler..I know that I'll miss them a lot..aku rasa mmg tak leh tido malam aku kt sana tadi. No doubt..Ilham will take care my doters vy well...cuma as I said earlier..aku mmg susah nk berpisah with my doters...sedihnyer...sub..sub..sub.