Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kaki Sofea T'seliuh....ciyan dia...

Kaki sofea kena bandaged

Sofea feet was injured when she was jumping fm bed. I heard she cried so loudly when I want to perfom my magrib prayer. I know something was not rite so I quickly ran to her and I asked her what happen.

She told me that her feet was hurt. On that time, Ilham was with her. Then, Ilham was telling me that when sofea wants to going down fm her bed, sudden she just jumped without Ilham knowledge. But Ilham told me, dun worri nothing serious. But I don’t think so. Quickly, I apply minyak afiat so hopefully it can be better.

I’m still unsatisfied with that, my instinct shows that something bad will happen ..dunno why I can felt that way. I had avised sofea’s so many time...Don’t jump…Jangan…Jangan…nanti terseliuh kan ker susah…then kalo teruk kena gi spital. I had so many times warned her about her bad habits. Not only in the house…in her kindie oso she like to jump especially fm staircase. Mmg horror…

"cam maner nk raya nie..." said sofea

Last nite, I can’t slept very well. My mind always think about what will happen if Sofea’s feet will crack then now raya is around the corner. I can’t stop thinking about Sofea…then about 4.30 am I need to woke up to prepare for bersahur.

The moment I called Sofea to woke up, she started crying. I saw her injured feet was a bit swollen then when I want to touch the swollen area she refused. Ilham told no need to puasa coz Sofea still in pain.

I started to became like singa mengaum when I saw the swollen part quite big. I told her…’gi lompat lagik…lompat…lompat. I asked Sofea…apa ibu cakap kat kakak”…Ibu cakap…”jangan lompat. So kalo lompat…dpt aper? I ask her again…”Kalo lompat nanti jatuh…masuk hospital”…So..kenapa kakak lompat” now my face mmg stern abis. I mmg quite geram with her ..dunno why.

I told kakak…”nama kakak nie…Mohd Amalin Sofea ker Nurul Amalin SOfea?...naper notti sgt mcm boboi nie…”…aku mmg tengah geram masa tu….eeeiiii sib baik time sahur…kalo time aku tgh poser…sure dah kureng poser aku coz marah…marah…marahkan. Tapi mmg aku geram lah….hisshhhh.

After discussed with Ilham…who is supposed to bring kakak to seek treatment at clinic…then he told me that I no need to take EL to bring kakak to spital. He will incharge.

Before I left to office, Ilham was asking me sofea birt cert. What do u want to do with kakak birth cert? I asked Ilham cz kakak had alredy got card at ampang puteri why must him bring that thing to clinic. Ilham just said…”in case if they asked”.

When I reach office, Ilham called saying that Dr Haliza’s clinic opened only at 11.00. Tak kan ler…nak tunggu sampai lewat cenggitu..then I asked to go to any peadetrician near by ampang puteri..then I remember last time I did sent kakak to klinik pakar kanak2 Ong…but Ilham told me…ramai patient…so I asked him to go to any clinic yg ada kepala rimau…of course lah ING….luckly near by got clinic who accept kepala rimau punya medical card. Luckly.

According to Ilham, doc. said it just terseliuh only. Wait until 2 or 3 days..if no swollen or no pain happen..should be okey..if otherwise..pls come again for x-ray. Then kakak punya kaki…doc bandaged…luckly sofea bulih jalan…but a bit slow. Hopefully speedy recovery for kakak…nx time pls be careful ‘k.

My lesson – pls do not told yr kids or scold yr kids with this word “jangan…jangan..jangan..nanti…dpt…bla..bla..bla,,instead..we shoud say…pls becareful'.

aku quote msg fm Tina...Thanks tina for ur quote…lesson learned.

nie peringatan utk aku dan kita semua la....aku degar satu ceramah tue, ustaz tue cakap, kiter as parents, esp mak, kalau nak melarang anak cuba avoid words like :JANGAN bla bla.....coz nanti....bla bla... in a way mcm mendoakan jugak agar kejadian tue berlaku. tho we didnt meant kata2 itu satu doa. contoh cam Jangan panjat, nanti jatuh. most of the times mmg anak akan jatuh. kena switch jangan tue kepada, careful, watch ur step n words yg soh dier lebe berhati2 sdirik.. erm.......sekadar berkongsi, coz aku pon kekadang terguna words JANGAN bla bla..NANTI bla bla bla

oh yer...semalam sofea tak poser cz dia haus biler dok jalan..jalan gi ampg puteri..peh tu gi clinic..ciyan dia. Tapi hari nie...dia poser mcm biasa.



ya allah ank dara nih!
hope she recovers fully 4 raya ye

& thx 4 the tips
insya allah will try 2 adapt

Nur said...

Cian Sofea... abih tu, die pi berbuka tak ptg nih??
Take good care of her..

janna w.m mokhsin said...

adeh...sakit tue terseliuh...!kalau betul terseliuh,elok diurut...ada anak ni gitu la kan riko...hari tu anak aku si Laila koyak dagu...pasal dok melompat gak...adeh...