Friday, June 26, 2009

Cerita Cinta Rossa

I’ve been looking forward to watch Rossa performing since I’ve been watching her performance 3 yrs ago during Secretaries’s week. Her performance was superb & I also like her voice. She was so cute & adorable.

When I heard she will be performing @ Life Centre KL tomorrow nite, I thought I just want to be one of the crowd BUT......BUT I can’t go. Why I can’t go????
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Kakak didn’t allow me to go for that concert. I was so sad cz I’ve been looking forward to wacth her shows. Me & my daughters never been separated before. So finally, I can’t go. It’s ok. I’ll continue to play her cd in my car.

No matter what, my daughter is my priority! But for the audience who will be watching her performance I just can give u my GREEN SMILE. Ahkak jeles ler pulak...huwaaaaaaa!!!!!!


Fertzy said...

bawaklah kakak skalik and combobulate it as mommy-daughter's day out.

smalam my son & hb tgk citer pempomes, as treatment for daddy & son's day out.

i hope i can do that with my gurl, soooon......


Adrina Adi said...

oh, suara rossa mmg sedap kan. apatah lagi kalau dia nyanyi live.. mesti malatops punya.

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

oooo...nak tgk konsert la la jugak...

Nur a.k.a admansyah said...

Aku suke sumer laguX2 die...

Mmg comey die kan? tapi, X ler die hard fan cam ko!

konot said...

eh bwk la anak2 nko skalik! (bwk aku skalik bley? muheheheh)

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

How I wish if my doter is 21 yrs old so definetely I will bring her with me. Unfortunately she just 8 yrs totaly mmg tak bulih nak bwk budak kecik...rasanyer.

Exactly, mmg meletop..sore dia mmg sedap

Aku pun....

Artis lain aku x heran aura Rossa nie kuatlah..yewww.

Bawak my doter mmg tak bulih cz tecik lagik...kalo bawak nko mmg dah bulih sgt.