Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One evening at Wangsa Walk Mall

Just a quick update on Kakak. Alhamdulillah..she had already recovered (tonsilitis)..but still have a mild fever..need to give her antibioctic & nerofen tonite.

So sad..she got no appetite to eat. To cheer her up I bring her to Wangsa Walk Mall hopefully she can eat a little foods for her tummy.

We had our early dinner at BBQ Chicken. The foods for was so-so only. I ordered Korean Charbroiled Fried Rice...but it turns out to be not so good for me. Disaster!! The taste was so sour...looks like the chef has put lotsa pickle on my fried rice. It reminds me of my confinement time minus holiday. I force myself to eat since I saw Kakak was so happy enjoying her corn soup! Glad that Kakak can finished a bowl of soup.

I ordered Happy Chic for Cha fm the Kids Menu. Hemmmm...Cha ate a bit only. I had to finish her leftover. Uolls know why Cha tak mo makan sgt???? Uolls can see Cha with her botol susu...hemmmmmmmm. One of her reason tak mo makan...cz nak minom susu! (read: nyesal x tinggal ittew botol susu in the car)

On the way back we passed by the Celebrity Fitness. Wow...the Celebrity Fitness really make a profit for this year...since I saw...many people went there. Cha make a scene near by the Celebrity Fitness. She asked me to go to there since she saw a lot of people doing exercise through the window.

Oh dear...she tought that all the adults go for the playground...so funny. I've to explain to her that people going there to make their body fit & healthy.I told Alisa...you're still a kid..u cannot go to the Celebrity Fitness....I've to say that...Kakak was not feeling well...need to go home . OMG...she still crying in the car.

So I've to pujuk her saying that...since kakak was not well today..we need to go home. That doesn't work.

Finally i said (angrily)" ok, let's go inside". Surprisingly Cha no longer demanding to go inside. My reverse pyschology works!