Saturday, April 03, 2010

One day at Pavillion

Wahhh...semalam mmg hari pavillion sedonia cz fm morning till late afternoon I was there in the Pavillion. Luckily I managed to beat the jammed cz I'm was leaving Pavillion ngam2 at 5.00pm.

Me & Cik Dee

Cik Dee was the first one to came. She was so kurus occay. Looks like mcm 'anak dara' ajer. My eyed noticed her new handbag (Etienne Aigner). So awesome! I love the colour & the handbag too.

Osheen & Baby

We had a light breakfast @ toast box with Baby & Osheen...(read: Tina & Mummydhani will meet us at peti merah). We all sempat bergossip artis kat sana...syyyyyyyyyy. He..he..he..Baby..well done! Ha..ha..ha..ha.

At about 11.30 we went to Red Box to menghancusskan lagu or lebih tepat membanjirkan kawasaan2 yg sekitar dgnyer. Opsssie... .Occaylah let the pics do the talking yer.

Nie Tina punya kerjalah nie...dok kumpul2 handbags kitorang...he..he..he.handbag 'mommies day out'..mcm2 brand ader...Gucci, LV, Coach & Etienne Aigner

Me with Dhani...clever boy!

Me with MummyDhani

After penat berkaloyke kat peti merah....we all gi high tea kat The Loaf. I've been to The Loaf before with my other frens..the foods for me was so so ajer...but this time I had a great time with my frens & also I'm having a great foods as well. For the 1st time I order 'Lemon Grass' as recommended by Cik Dee. Wala! mmg sedap sangat. Nx time leh order air minoman nie lagik.